A Simple Iced Coffee Recipe

If you follow our social media channels @singlcoffee, you may have seen a post over the bank holiday weekend of our iced coffee. It’s so simple to make, and just what we needed on a hot day!
In our video, we made a quick iced coffee with milk. Now, don’t go getting this confused with a cold brew coffee, that is something else entirely and will take you nearly 24 hours to brew. We will write another blog post on this before the next bank holiday, so you can all prep in advance and enjoy your 24-hour cold brew!
Before we started brewing any coffee, the first thing we did was place a tall glass in our freezer! This helps further down the line and stops your iced coffee from being too watery.
We brewed a double shot of espresso and left this to cool for a minute while we prepped the glass. (Those of you that enjoy a morning shot of espresso know that they don’t take long to cool).  
After 5-10 mins we took the glass out of the freezer and filled it with a large handful of ice cubes.
We then tipped the espresso over the ice, into the glass. As the espresso is still warm some of the ice melts and dilutes your espresso. However, because we cooled the glass before hand the espresso cools quicker and doesn’t result in your drink being too watery.
Then comes the cool part… we overly dramatically topped the glass up with cold milk!!
If you are just looking for a nice refreshing drink, then pour your milk in, give it a stir and hey presto you have yourself a simple iced coffee. However, if like us you are not just looking for refreshment but also an Instagram worthy visual display then slowly pour your milk in from a height of approx. 20-30cm. The milk will slowly infuse through the coffee, marbling its way down the glass creating the perfect Instagram pic.
A couple of things you can do to improve your iced coffee…
  1. Make coffee ice cubes ahead of time! Brew a cup of black coffee, tip into an ice cube tray and pop in the freezer. As the coffee ice cubes melt into your drink, they top up the coffee in your drink rather than diluting it down and creating a watery iced coffee.
  2. Add your espresso, ice cubes, milk into a cocktail shaker and shake it up! As you shake, you are aerating the drink and adding in lots of tiny little bubbles. This will create a thicker, creamier coffee.
  3. Drop in some flavoured syrups. Sweeten it up for a an extra treat!
Let us know if you make your own iced coffee, or if you have any tips and tricks you use, and we will feature you on our social channels.