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We are not too fussed about Valentines day in our household; no extravagant gifts or weekends away. Instead we share cards with a loving handwritten note and a small gift or meal out together. However, when I arrived home on 14th Feb I was surprised to find a small package, lay on the doormat, addressed to me.
Fully expecting some Valentines branded card, I ripped open the envelope and was completely surprised! The latest issue of North West Food & Drink Means Business. And right there, on the back cover, a photo of Singl Coffee!!

Food & Drink Means business Front Cover. Issue 4.

Now we can’t lie and say this was a complete surprise, FDMB had been looking for companies to fill the photo tiles on their latest issue. We submitted a snap before Christmas and were lucky enough to be chosen for the back cover. Even though we knew we were on the cover somewhere, we still hadn’t seen the final design, so when it appeared out of the blue on Thursday, we were over the moon!

Food & Drink means business rear cover. Issue 4. Singl Coffee.

Rather than make a coffee, sit down and have a read through, we grabbed the magazine, some coffee bags and our phone and ran outside to take these photographs! It was around 4.30pm and there was still a significant amount of daylight. We had to seize our opportunity!

It is an honour to be a part of FDMB. They found Singl coffee not long after we launched and have supported us ever since. They are a husband and wife team that run online networking groups, events and publish a magazine; with the sole aim of bringing the food and drink industry closer together. They support small businesses like us as well as sole traders and larger organisations.

Later this month we are excited to be exhibiting at a Business and Hospitality show in Cumbria. These events don’t come cheap, and as small start-up you are counting the pennies as often as possible. It is only through the work of FDMB that Singl coffee and other small traders are able to attend. FDMB have helped balance out the costs/risks and have provided small enterprises with an alternative way to exhibit. They have turned a potentially high risk 2-day event into something much more approachable by bringing costs down and increasing ROI of the event.

north west business & hospitality show. Singl Coffee.

Put simply, they are looking out for the little guy.
Independent traders quite often have more diverse and exciting products to offer, catering to niche markets, but they can’t afford to get their products out there into the world and into the hands of customers. We think, this is where FDMB really has stepped up.

2019 has been a whirlwind so far for Singl Coffee. We are struggling to keep up with the pace of announcing our features/events/collaborations on social media and our blog! It is incredible and the response has been fantastic! We are overwhelmed by the support we have received and can’t wait to see what happens over the next 6 months!

Thank you to the team at FDMB for your support and taking a chance on us, we will be seeing you soon!

Much love,

Singl Coffee

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