Our First Guest Post!

It has been a short while since we posted on here. We had planned to write a festive blog post; all things Christmas, mince pies and mulled wine etc. Then, out of nowhere a review of our Singl coffee bags lands in our inbox and it was just too good not to share!

We were blown away by this review and it helps solidify everything we have been working so hard for.

Over the last few months we have had a lot of both positive and negative feedback. Some people love the coffee, and love the concept of a bag. Others just don't get it. They don't understand why you would ever want coffee in a bag when you could put it in an Aeropress or make a pour over.
Lee however, gets it. He loves coffee, he has a busy lifestyle and he loves the great outdoors. 
The convenience of coffee bags fit his lifestyle perfectly, meaning he doesn't have to compromise on the quality of his morning coffee when he is out camping. 
There may be 'better' ways to make a coffee, and techniques that give you 'more depth of flavour'; but there is none as fresh, easy and tasty as our single origin coffee bags. 

I have posted Lee's unedited review below for you to read.

To Lee -  Thank you. Your review made our year!


ethiopian coffee bag. shot taken whilst on a camping trip by the side of a lake

Creating good coffee whilst canoe camping has always involved beans, hand grinder, espresso machine or cafetiere, which let’s be honest makes for more kit to carry than I would like but good coffee is one of those luxuries I choose not to be without when living wild for a few nights.

Several months ago a friend introduced me to coffee bags by a well-known coffee producer, they were passable but nothing like the coffee I was used to, I stuck with my trusted method and the extra kit I had to endure.

Fast forward to an Instagram post about a new coffee brand who promised an authentic taste, a quality grind and all from a bag. I’ll be honest, I was a little dubious, especially after my ‘Taylors’ experience but why not, they did seem a little expensive but how much do you pay from a high street coffee shop? The package from Singl Coffee arrived and my next trip saw me test them, I thought it only fair to also try the Taylors equivalent back to back,

Single coffee promise an alternative to a spoon of instant coffee, shouldn’t be hard to improve on that should it? I mean Taylors make a passable brew from a bag but can a small independent from the north of England compete with this established brand? Singl Coffee procure “High quality, responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly coffee; all in one convenient little bagno pretention, no waffle, I like that! The blurb states it is 100% single origin Arabica from the foothills of Columbia, reasonably sourced, Fairtrade and rainforest alliance certified, all important stuff in todays ‘correct’ society but for me it could be all this and still be a poor alternative to the real thing.

So down to the taste, brewed using hand filtered lake water from Coniston water in the English Lake District. The first had to be the new brew and what a taste experience it was. Gone was the over watered down taste, like it needed 2 bags not one, it was a relaxing brew and so easy to make, I guess the bag looks a little strange but it provides a really fine mesh which I found got rid of the little gritty bits of other bags. Plenty coffee is put in each bag 10g I believe but it’s the way it brews as though no bag is there at all, of course I leave my bag in whilst I brink for maximum flavour, I like my coffee strong.  The richness of flavour took me back to the old TV advert of the powdered coffee ‘Mellow birds’ substitute that brand for Singl Coffee as this is THE real smooth coffee.

The Taylors bag was next and my goodness what a difference! Yes the Taylors is cheaper but it tastes way cheaper than it is, the bag was the first noticeable difference, it was of obvious inferior quality. This is the first big difference, secondly the strength and flavour was nothing in comparison, 2 bags in the cup and still no flavour hit as before. The bottom line is the product is marketed as easier but not as a quality alternative. When Singl Coffee state ‘High Quality’ that is exactly what it is.

The next test was with a couple of friends and the Ethiopian Sidamo blend, first the Singl then the Taylors, I didn’t introduce the first coffee just gave it to them, the second as the established quality coffee brand Taylors, the brand was familiar. Each of them, to a man said they preferred the new one which they had not heard of. The biggest comment was the amount of grit that came from the Taylors coffee bag and the watery taste, its wasn’t coffee, more like watered down gravy, to me that is a bit harsh but try them for yourself and you will see just what we did.

2 coffee bags brewing in camping equipment

The Sidamo is a complex brew, a varied rich flavour, not as strong as the Columbian but with more refinement which leaves me with a little dilemma, which to put in my brew kit? Well, as I don’t need all the coffee making equipment I once did I will take both! I need the first hit of morning coffee to be the Columbian for the wake up and the Sidamo to ease me into the day with a smile on my face. Two very contrasting flavours each equal in taste and quality.


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