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A slightly different kind of blog post today. Instead of going for the educational/ informative style I thought I would give you a little insight into Singl Coffee and how we will be introducing our sample coffee bag packs.

Since Singl Coffee was born at the beginning of this year, I’ve always wanted to try and achieve 1 thing. A community built on trust and understanding. Above all else, this was and still is my goal. I want to create a company that people feel they can relate to, a company that is accessible and will listen to it’s customers.

Our first landing page on the website had a section titled ‘feedback’, this was so anyone could get online and send a message over, whether it be a thank you message, some criticism, new ideas, whatever. I wanted people to get involved. As it turned out, I received 1 message, and that was from myself the day I set the website up, testing that the link and submit button worked! However; all was not lost; Facebook and Instagram had been fantastic for getting people involved. Plenty of you have sent messages over, and I have had many conversations over DM discussing Singl Coffee, my plans, website issues etc. To anyone who has sent me a message so far, thank you! It means the world to me and reading your messages really does make my day!

A few of the things we have introduced/changed based on your feedback are:

Highlighting the shipping rates on the product pages.
We offer free standard shipping across all products, and a supplementary charge of £1 for first class. However, this wasn’t highlighted until you had gotten through to checkout. I received a few messages from people asking what the shipping rates were, and another message saying I should have them displayed before checkout as an added shipping fee may have put this customer off buying. I completely agreed and so we now have the free shipping highlighted on the bottom of the homepage, as well as on each product page before checkout!

Easier access to the online shop.
I had a few comments on how it took people a lot longer than they would have liked to access the shop. They had to scroll through pages until they found the correct link. I had already set up 1 link on my homepage, and a section on the main menu called ‘shop’, but it clearly wasn’t enough. The main menu is quite discreet and was therefore being missed by some people. I have now added in a few more links, some obvious and some not so obvious so that take you directly to the store, and so far, it seems to have done the trick!

Offer samples of each coffee bags.
This one was a very popular suggestion! A lot of people mentioned they were considering buying a box of coffee bags, but then they never did. When I went back to them to see if they were still interested, there was some hesitation. In nearly all cases, this hesitation was down to the fact they didn’t know if they would like the coffee bags or not. When I suggested adding sample packs to the website, so they could try the coffee at a fraction of the price every single person said they would buy a pack! I took this on board and last week made an Instagram story and post asking my followers if sample packs should be available on the website. My story got 100% of people responding with a YES vote.

As a result, I will be launching sample packs very soon.

As some of you already know, when you buy a box of coffee bags you get a couple of extras thrown into the box. One of these extras is a small info card on the coffee you have purchased. I didn’t want to send out coffee without any supporting information on the coffee being purchased. I feel that each customer has taken time out of their day to buy Singl coffee coffee bags, so the least I can do is provide some info on why that coffee is so special. And in the process, hopefully give each customer a chance to learn something new about coffee. Therefore, I will still be providing smaller info cards in each sample pack purchased. Currently, the info cards are in printing. Once these cards are delivered I can make sample packs available to purchase on the website. Keep your eyes on the Singl Coffee social media pages for your chance to get a pack for free!

We are only a month into our company being live to the public, and the response has been incredible. Please keep sending your messages over, I love hearing from you and if there is anything else you think could be improved or introduced, get in touch! I want this to be a community of people with an appreciation for a decent cup of coffee. No coffee snobbery just love!

Finally, if you have bought any of our coffee be sure to post a picture on your Instagram/facebook and we will share it on our page. Leave us a review on facebook and let your friends know about us too!

Thank you!

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