We've got ours. Have you got yours??

Last month we teamed up with Independent Greater Manchester to offer new customers a discount on their 1st order.

Who are IGM?

IGM are a new local business with one sole aim, and that is to get people shopping locally and independently. They want to pair local businesses with local customers and drive the local economy.

Read their mission statement below…

“Our aim is simple - to connect good people with independent businesses. We have a members card that provides discounts at 100s of independent businesses across Greater Manchester. Whether you are looking for a new restaurant to try, grabbing a quick coffee or your dog needs a trim, do it with an independent business and save money doing so!”

I recently read a statistic that really puts IGM’s work into perspective…

“If every adult in the UK spent £5 each week in local businesses and shops, instead of in supermarkets and chain stores, it would be worth £13.5 billion going directly back into our towns”

£5 a week!?! How could we say no to that??

The list of independent businesses IGM have on board is HUGE! You can get discounts on anything from coffee to haircuts to web design and even planning your wedding day! The discounts vary depending on the product/service on offer with some businesses giving up to 50% off, and even free sessions.

I strongly recommend you head over to their website and take a look at the fantastic businesses they have on board.