Our Coffee

Our mission statement mentions 'High quality, responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly coffee'. Sounds great! but what does that actually mean?

Speciality Coffee

At Singl Coffee we only use speciality grade Arabica coffee beans in all our coffee bags. What makes a coffee bean speciality grade is not just it's rarity or final flavour, but the entire life-cycle of the bean from farm, to cup.  

The coffee beans have to be planted in the correct soil conditions, at the correct time of year, with just the right amount of sunlight and at the perfect altitude. With all these conditions, you have the beginnings of a speciality coffee.
From there the beans have to be harvested at a precise time, washed, dried and packed ready for distribution. All of this requires labour, fair and responsible labour. 
Once shipped to the UK, they require the love and attention of a highly skilled roaster. 
Then finally, YOU. The customer, and the method in which the coffee beans are brewed are the final link in the speciality chain. Under-brew and you won't do the coffee justice; Over-brew and you will kill all the wonderful flavours.

So, in summary, your speciality coffee is:
The best quality beans, grown, prepared, roasted and brewed to their maximum potential. 

Responsibly Sourced

Responsibly sourced is a broad term used to describe coffee which has been grown with social, environmental and economic care in mind. 

We take great pride in sourcing coffee which supports the communities and farmers that cultivate and harvest the beans. Without their time and effort we would not be able to enjoy the luxury coffee we currently have on offer today. Therefore we think it is the very least we can do to ensure the farmers are paid fairly for their work. This enables the coffee growing communities to fund better education, access to improved technology and a general improved way of life.

Our fairtrade coffee is sourced through coffee co-operatives. A co-operative is a number of farmers from a particular region that have come together to form a single entity. Working together they can ensure skills, knowledge and technology are shared between each other; meaning improved crop development and yields. By improving the quality of their crop, they are able to leverage the market and receive fairer trade deals from companies like Singl Coffee.

Coffee farming can also have devastating affects on the local landscape and environment. De-forestation occurs in order for the farmers to plant more and more coffee plants.  Quite often, these plants are of the Robusta variety as the Robusta plants provide a much higher crop yield. More plants with higher yields, therefore mean higher wages for the farmers as they have more crop to sell. However these beans are much poorer quality in terms of taste. 
The Arabica coffee plant is more difficult to grow and requires more specific growing conditions. one of these conditions is being 'shade grown'. A lot of Arabica plants grow optimally underneath a forest canopy; therefore deforestation is less likely to occur where Arabica is grown, as natural shade improves growth and coffee bean development.
Arabica plants are also likely to produce a lower yield than Robusta as they are more susceptible to disease. Lower yields mean a smaller harvest and reduced profits for farmers. However this is all worth it for the end consumer; as Arabica coffee is of the highest quality. When processed, roasted and brewed correctly Arabica has a wide ranging scope of flavour and can produce a truly magnificent cup of coffee. 

By only purchasing fairtrade Arabica coffee, Singl Coffee can ensure that farmers are always receiving a fair price for their beans. Not only that, we can also guarantee you the consumer are buying the highest quality coffee. 

All our coffee has a full range of accreditation. Over the coming months we will be uploading blog posts to the Singl blog. These posts will go into full detail about each accreditation and what it means for both the coffee farming community and you the consumer.